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What I have learnt from my bosses

Working as an EA and as a private chef I have been privvy to seeing some very successful people in action. I have had many different bosses, some I have adored and admired, a very small minority I have tolerated! I have learnt from all of them.

They have all been unique and have taught me that there is certainly no clear blueprint for success.

In fact, their working styles have differed wildly.

The hours they put in differed greatly.

The way they dealt with obstacles or problems definitely differed.

However, I would say they all wanted to drive their business forward in their own way.

Some of them definitely didn't do it for the money or for status or because they loved it at all costs.

We are all motivated and driven by something but it is not always money and power as often thought.

I was reminded of what motivates us at a lunch I attended last year. The gentleman I was sitting next to was exceptional company. He was originally from a very humble background and had risen to the top formerly in the army and latterly in corporate business.

He explained that what drives people is normally one of three things.

1 Financial wealth

2. Recognition and status

3. Passion for their job

And this can change over time he said. Like life and relationships it is not static. What drives you at 30 can be different at 50 say.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

My job as an EA was to take off the strain from my bosses, free their time up and let them do what drove them.

That meant I needed to be organised, focused, energetic and caring.

Qualities I have and which is why I enjoy what I do. I have a passion for my job and of course I would like financial wealth and recognition but it is not what drives me.

Would love to hear if you agree and what drives you?

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