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Times are tough but does that mean you have to suffer?

Just because times are tough at the moment does not necessarily mean that you or your business needs to suffer - some people or businesses will thrive.

For some people life is a genuine struggle. I remember going to Brazil in my twenties and visiting some of the poorest places on earth, the favelas. I was struck by how complicated and unfair life can be for some people. These people lived in fear and squalor and every day was a fight for their basic needs to be met.

So much of life is down to luck and what you are born into.

Some people born with nothing manage to rise up and others just stay where they are.

For most of us life is pretty safe and real hardship is a rarity.

But that doesn't stop us feeling worried, uncertain or fearful despite food on the table and money in the bank. We all want to thrive to a certain degree. Some more than others, they have a belief, passion or edge to them which propels them forward.

If you run your own business or have a career that is consuming then it can be easy to fall into a habit of thinking you have to be risk adverse at a time like this. Keep doing things as you have always done and ride the storm out.

But maybe it is a time to be bold and live in the moment. It is very easy to just worry about the future and brood about the past. After all, if you stop looking for opportunity then you will definitely never find it.

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