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About me


My name is Genevieve and I live in Parsons Green, just off the New Kings Road. I'm an Executive Assistant with over twenty years experience helping busy and successful people do what they do best - make money and gain satisfaction from running their business, looking after their families or growing their career. While they do that I get on with the things that drain their valuable time. I genuinely get a kick out of doing this!

I started off my career working for a Royal Household as a Private Chef and Household Manager. This taught me first hand the power of a bond of trust. Loyalty and trust is something that you get hopefully from friends and family but not always in business. Working for CEO's, Chairmans and Founders has taught me what their pain points are. They need someone caring, committed, loyal and willing. Someone they can rely on to get the job done, come up with solutions and go the extra mile when needed.


Working for companies like Burberry, Jigsaw, House of Fraser and Knight Frank has given me a business brain. But what I enjoy doing is the personal work - sorting out a reliable nanny, sourcing a trustworthy plumber, booking the right restaurant table, choosing the perfect present.


If you are a busy person and have a busy business, social and home life why not delegate things to me. 



Let’s Start Working Together!

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