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Holidays - keeping your home safe for your return

Are you planning a holiday? Maybe you are jetting off somewhere sunny or plan to visit somewhere in the UK?

One of the things Parsons Green PA specialises in is house management.

When you are away you really want to relax, kick back and enjoy your well-earned break. But sometimes anxiety can creep in about locking up and leaving your precious home for a week or longer.

A lot of my clients on average go away about four times a year. They need someone to take care of things at home in their absence.

I can provide that peace of mind.

I offer a full house-sitting service where I can live in your property whilst you are away deterring burglars from breaking in. This also includes pet sitting and walking and is a much nicer option for your loved pet than a kennel stay.

I also offer a structured drop in service: this includes a visit every 3 days (or as requested).

I do the following:

Pick up the mail and can intercept/open important deliveries or post if requested

Water your plants and feed fish

Simple garden maintenance – a scruffy garden is what burglars look out for

Switch lights on

Attend any emergency alarm call outs

Maintenance of motion lighting outside your home

Provide a fridge filling service for your return with essentials and goodies as requested.

If you’re heading off on a fantastic retreat soon and you want to do everything you can to avoid any nasty surprises on your return get in touch.

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