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Why is it so difficult to delegate in your private life?

If you run your own business or have a successful professional career you are probably used to delegating at work. No one expects you to do everything yourself and in fact a good leader is judged on bringing in the right talent to do specific things that they can't do themselves. The leader concentrates on the things they are strong in and things which benefit the business on a wider scale. It makes perfect sense.

It is different at home though.

Why is that?

Well there are certain household services that are readily accessible online. Things like finding a dog walker, or a flat-pack assembler or a laundry collection service. These people are pretty easy to find and I'd be the first to agree with you.

But there are other things that require somewhat more intelligence, experience and know-how. There are lots of what I would call middle range household activities that fall between a chore and a project.

They are not so easy or straightforward to delegate and can make you feel as if it is easier to just do them yourself.

Even though we don't outsource them we should though.


These home projects can drag on, go off course, or cost far more than they should if they don't get the attention they need.

I'm referring to things like:

  • An entry system and entry lights that have stopped working - irritating and dangerous, but you don't have the time to find the right tradesman to service your specific brand and do the job justice.

  • The boxes of paperwork lingering in one of your spare rooms, taking up valuable space and definitely needing to be cleared before your weekend guests arrive. You also want the confidential stuff shredded but don't have a machine.

  • Your photographs from a recent relatives death - you want to put them in a scrapbook or store them in a meaningful way but just don't have the time or inclination.

  • That ceiling stain in the corner of your sitting room, you know it means a leak of some sort and that some sort of redecoration will be needed but you just haven't got round to it and it is only going to get worse. The roof also needs to be given a proper investigation and missing slates replaced or repaired.

  • Your beautiful parquet flooring that is badly damaged after a party and that also needs a professional polish - you want it done properly but haven't got the time to investigate a decent tradesman and supervise him.

Some of the reasons we don't delegate

  • Not knowing where to start, so just leaving it for now.

  • It would feel intrusive and invasive letting someone into our private life.

  • Other things take up our attention so we defer action.

  • A feeling that paying someone for something we could do ourselves is wrong.

  • Not being on hand during the day to make the last minute decisions.

  • It feels expected that we should put our work first over our personal life.

I know from experience working for top CEO's and a Royal Household that trust is all important.

And that handing things over in your personal life isn't always easy.

But Parsons Green PA does everything with discretion, care and competence.

The upside is immense and in fact has a positive effect on your business life too.

Contact me today to find out more, I'd love to start helping you.

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